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Take Advantage of Translation Tools to Improve Quality and Productivity


BioLingo Connect is a web-based collaborative environment that allows us to track and manage your translation project, collaborate among translators, and implement quality control measurements.

Translation Memory

Update your documents in a cost-effective way using a translation memory. This stores segments of text as units in a database, and greatly increases efficiency. Not only does a translation memory save time and cut costs, it also helps keep the style and terminology of your documents consistent.


We develop multilingual glossaries to suit your particular needs. These custom glossaries are integrated into our workflow and can be accessed in real time by the translators working on your project. This helps achieve accuracy and consistency throughout your messaging. 

Built-in Quality Checks

Take advantage of our powerful translation platform to improve patient safety with content quality checks. We can detect translation and terminology inconsistencies, omissions, additions, spelling errors, and much more while your medical translation is in progress.

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